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All Things Ampersand

Project: Pin-ups

Back in the days when I got dressed up for my day-jobs as an art professor, graphic designer and copywriter I was known for my arty, eye-catching pins – kind of like Madeleine Albright, though she wore hers with Hermes scarves and I wore mine with quirky jackets from the Army/Navy surplus store!

I’m now happily semi-retired. I ‘commute’ down the stairs to my studio to work and my wardrobe is shorts and a T-shirt in the summertime, turtleneck, and jeans in winter. The pins went into retirement, tucked away in a drawer.  Continue Reading >>

Artist Profile: Meg Walling – Art Salad

Bold. Inventive. Intense. Colorful. Elaborate and full of texture. Are we talking about Meg Walling’s art or her cooking? Both! When she is not painting, when she is not at one end of her garage studio immersed in cold wax medium and oil paint or at the other end, working in acrylics, she is in the kitchen, taking a break from one kind of creativity and immersing herself in another. (Meg coined the word ‘garagiste’ to describe herself, joking that she’s just like Mark Rothko, whose studio was also in a garage!)

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FALL SALE! Gessobord, Claybord, Scratchbord, and Value Series Panels and Fantastic Back-to-School Prices!

We have some exciting deals happening for Fall Back-to-School at participating retailers!

Gessobord – Claybord – Scratchbord
Primed Smooth – Canvas Texture
Unprimed Basswood 

All on Sale at up to 50% off!


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Artist Profile: Andrea Raft – The Calming Effect – One, Two, Four

Andrea Raft’s work, like her manner, has a calming effect. It’s difficult to simply glance quickly at one of her mixed media panels and move away from it. They draw you in and hold you rapt. (Could this be bottled and sold to reduce stress and lower blood pressure? If only!) But why does the title of this profile also include three numbers? Because Andrea is an artist who currently works three ways: Solo (ONE), with her son, photographer Aaron Sedway (TWO), and with three other artists for a year-long collaboration here on All Things Ampersand (FOUR).

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PROJECT: Vases, Vases, Vases – Stenciled Cradled Claybord Artist Panel

What do you get when you mix together an 8” x 8” x 1.5” cradled Claybord Artist Panel from Ampersand Art Supply with two stencils from StencilGirl Products, plus inks, a black pen, along with black, white and Emperor’s Gold paint?

Well…You get an afternoon of fun and a panel that can be the starting point for collage and more layering or to hang on the wall with no further additions.

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