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Plein air panel event

Spring is plein air season! Grab your favorite panels and head outdoors. Select sizes* of 1/8" flat Gessobord, Aquabord, and Pastelbord are on SALE!

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2 Kat Studios: Prescott, AZ

This workshop from Ampersand Artist Ambassador, Julie Snidle offers students an opportunity to break free from expectation and discover oil painting without a brush. With R&F Pigment Sticks as our oil paint and Gamblin's cold wax medium, we will build up layers of paint using a variety of methods, discover new tools and ways of working to create rich and authentic small works on paper and Ampersand Gessobord. November 11-13, 2022.


San Miguel, Mexico

Join Lisa and Sue for a trip to San Miguel de Allende to discover the Day of the Dead and explore how this traditional celebration can influence your life through art. This 5-day workshop will explore memory, personal mementos, and offerings through art-making. We will learn about Day of the Dead traditions in regards to these concepts and respond to them in our own work.

Also called All Souls Day, it is thought of as the day when the veil between life and death is the thinnest and the best time for the departed to slip back to the living for a visit. It is a celebratory and happy day. We will immerse ourselves in the colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, vibrant culture, and culinary delights. In the decorated streets, altars, and cemeteries, we will explore all that this tradition has to offer. Incorporated into this focus is the concept of time, of real or imagined histories, and of faded or foggy memories.

Your host, Jan Davis, lives in San Miguel de Allende.  She is eager to share this special celebration with you, as well as her favorite haunts around town. October 29-November 2, 2022.

Limited to 12 participants.


Essence of Mulranny Studios: Ireland

Advanced Encaustic students must have participated in 2 or more workshops addressing the basics of the technique of encaustic. In this class I teach students how to fuse with a torch to get a smooth surface, use transparency and opacity to create depth and layers. I go over mark making techniques, using pigment sticks and transfers. The class is based on developing your own voice using encaustic. September 7-14, 2022.