Acrylic on Primed Canvas Texture

The Artist Panel Primed Canvas Texture is a perfect choice for acrylic painters that want all the benefits of a panel but enjoy painting on a surface with a traditional canvas texture.

Acrylic artists enjoy panel painting because light reflects off the flat surface resulting in brighter colors. The rigid surface allows for more brush control and detail work as there is no bounce or movement like on flexible surfaces.

Shana Rowe Jackson, In the Shade, 11x14, acrylic on Ampersand Primed Canvas Texture


Primed Canvas Texture works with all acrylic painting mediums and techniques. It has a consistent patterned texture that grabs paint for a strong bond and shows through thin applications like a fine canvas. The non-absorbent acrylic gesso surface allows for a slower drying time with acrylics, allowing artists more time to apply glazes and manipulate their paints.

The strong MDF panel holds up to thick applications of paint and is great for palette-knife painting, plein air, and mixed media.

Primed Canvas Texture is ready to use, no need to mount canvas or add endless layers of gesso. Artists spend more time creating, and less time prepping a surface.


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