Claybord Box Kit: Project ideas

Perfect for All Media

Customize the sides with paint, stain, collage, ink, and so much more. All sides are made with Ampersand's premium quality wood materials. Hinges are included. Use the Claybord Box Kit to extend your art for home decor, gifts, treasure boxes, fine art or anything you can imagine.



Create memorable handmade gifts.


Treasure Boxes

Add elements such as feet or buttons to create memorable treasure boxes.


Coaster Sets

Combine Claybord Box Kits and 3.5x3.5 Claybord Art Tiles to create box and coaster sets.


Fine Art

Anything you can do on Claybord, you can do on the Claybord Box Kit surface. The ultra-smooth, absorbent clay surface allows for unlimited techniques: etching, erasing, reworking, adding color, and scratching it away to add contrast, texture, and fine detail.

To see more about Doris Vasek's process, visit this article.


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