Egg Tempera on Claybord

Egg tempera is a very vibrant and durable paint, but it requires a rigid and absorbent support. Claybord™ is the perfect solution, saving you many hours of painstakingly preparing your panels.

Claybord's surface is made with kaolin clay that provides a smooth and absorbent surface that is very similar to a "traditional" non-acrylic gesso ground or the chalk grounds used in the Renaissance. The absorbency of the surface is very important to egg tempera because the egg needs to soak into the ground to adhere correctly. Claybord’s coating is applied to Ampersand's True Artist’s Hardbord™. This provides the necessary rigidity to reduce concerns of the paint film cracking as it ages.

The key to working with egg tempera with Claybord™ is a) how you lay down the first layers of paint and b) ensuring that you allow each layer to dry before beginning your detail work. Also, removing all the egg white from the yolk is vital. Roll the yolk around on a paper towel before adding water. Adhesion issues come from when the paint itself does not dry and lifting can occur. This can be solved with an air conditioner or hairdryer. Other adhesion issues can come from applying the paint too thickly, which does take longer to dry. Tempera does dry quickly compared to other paints, but some drying time is needed.

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