Encaustic on Encausticbord

Only Encausticbord has a ready-to-use surface formulated for the unique demands of encaustic painting and mixed media. Encaustic gesso is applied to Ampersand's sealed Hardbord panel to form a bright, smooth, and velvety surface that is ready to use with the ancient technique of encaustic painting. The ground is not only heat resistant and highly absorbent but also holds tight to layers of wax and collage without the fear of cracking or separation.  

Elise Wagner, Night Moves, 8x8, encaustic on Ampersand Encausticbord


A Creative Collaboration between Ampersand and R&F Handmade Paints

This creative collaboration began in 2008 when the two manufacturers, authorities in their respective fields of wood painting panels and encaustic paint colors, started working together to dream up the perfect surface for encaustic paints. This combination of Ampersand's archival panel coating technology and R&F's expertise in encaustics led to Encausticbord, a unique wood panel that has the tooth to hold encaustic and mixed media, unlike any other surface.

Why do you need a surface for encaustic?

Richard Frumess from R&F Handmade paints explains: "When I began painting in encaustic in the early eighties, one of my first questions was 'What can I paint on?' In 1988, I began building a business manufacturing encaustic paint and in 23 years, this question remains one of the most commonly asked. The answer has been that a support should be dimensionally stable. It should be as absorbent as possible. It should be heat resistant. Plywoods and hardboards were able to fill this purpose. If you wanted a white background, however, you would have to mount watercolor paper to your panel or use the labor-intensive rabbit skin glue gesso method. Happily, when we joined forces with Ampersand, we were able to craft a one-word answer: Encausticbord. Encausticbord comes with a smooth, uniform, white ground with the tooth and absorbency of traditional glue gesso, but it is also a multimedia board that allows you to use oil paint or aqueous paints, either alone or as under-layers for encaustic."

Through months of exhaustive research and testing, Ampersand and R&F ensured that encaustic paints adhered exceptionally well to this new painting ground and that Encausticbord was the most archival and dimensionally stable panel available. The ultimate goal was to provide a surface that would allow encaustic artists to expand their artistic voice. With Encausticbord, artists have the freedom to use encaustics in combination with other mediums without the fear that their panel will not stand up to the unique demands of mixed media applications.

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