Floaterframe and gold leaf

Did you know that you can customize Ampersand’s Floaterframes? One way is to apply a metal leaf. A gold Floaterframe is a beautiful treatment that can enhance your artwork and truly make it stand out.

Here is all you need:

  • Ampersand™ Black Floaterframe (any Size or Profile)
  • Speedball® Mona Lisa™ Simple Leaf™ Gold Leaf
  • Speedball® Mona Lisa™ Metal Leaf™ Brush-on Adhesive Size
  • Speedball® Mona Lisa™ Metal Leaf™ Brush-on Sealer Soft
  • Synthetic Paintbrush (for Applying Adhesive)
  • Soft Cloth or Foam Brush (for Burnishing)
  • Soft Paintbrush (for Sealer)


Step 1:

Wipe down the black Ampersand Floaterframe to make sure that it is free from dust.

Step 2:

Apply the adhesive to the Floaterframe. With this process, thinner is better. TIP: It is best not to brush adhesive on the entire Floaterframe. Work in small sections so you have a way to handle the frame.

Step 3:

The recommended time on the packaging, for the adhesive to become tacky, is 30 minutes. The adhesive color will change from milky to clear. However, to ensure that the adhesive is tacky and dry enough for proper adhesion, we recommend waiting up to an hour before applying the metal leaf on the Floaterframes.

Step 4:

Apply the metal leaf carefully to the area of the Floaterframe with the adhesive on it. Burnish this area carefully with the foam brush. Carefully peel up the backing from the metal leaf.

Step 5:

Use the foam brush to carefully brush away any loose metal leaf.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 1-6 to apply more metal leaf to any small areas that need to be touched up.

Step 7:

Once the metal leaf is complete, use a soft paintbrush to seal the Floaterframe with Speedball® Mona Lisa™ Metal Leaf™ Brush-on Sealer. This will help prevent tarnishing. Let dry for 10 minutes per sealer packaging instructions.

Tip: Always be sure to choose the right frame based on your panel depth.

Artwork by Dana Brown. To see more of Dana's work, follow his blog on Tumblr: danabrownstudio.tumblr.com


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