Introduction to Ampersand Pastelbord

Pastelbord holds layers of pastel, unlike any pastel paper! It starts as a Hardbord sealed with Ampersand’s Archiva-Seal™, and then we coat it with a clay ground featuring a marble-dust finish for “tooth.” Layer upon layer of pastels can be applied as the marble-dust finish holds it to the surface.

Pastelbord works great with any dry-pigment media, from its intended use with pastels to color pencil, watercolor pencils, charcoal, and conté crayon.

Pastelbord allows Ranjini Venkatchari to layer and blend to achieve realism and depth.

Pastelbord’s unique absorbent coating, along with its rigid and sealed wood backing, allows you to use it for wet or dry applications.  For example, the surface disperses acrylic colors resulting in exciting fluidity and blending not achievable on any other surface. You can even use thin applications of ink, watercolor, or acrylic to tone the white Pastelbord to any color you like. Pastelbord is its own drawing board, too, so you don’t have to stretch or mount paper, and it’s perfect for plein air painting.

Pastelbord is available in four colors gray, sand, white and green. Pastelbord is available, uncradled, in sizes from 5x7 up to 24x36.

Pastelbord: The Solid Choice for Pastels and More

  • Marble dust tooth holds more layers than any pastel paper
  • Not just for pastels: perfect or wet media or dry pigments
  • Achieve unique results for watercolor and acrylic
  • Perfect for plein air painting
  • Available in white, gray, sand, or green tones
  • Tone white Pastelbord to any color you like


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