Oil on Gessobord

Need more time to paint? Use Gessobord instead of preparing your own panels and canvases. Designed specifically for oil and acrylic painting, Gessobord is ready to use. So, you can take it right out of the packaging and start painting.

Gessobord’s acrylic gesso coating has just the right level of absorbency allowing you to blend oil colors and maintain their slower drying time.

Jane Hunt, May Poppies, 9x12, oil on Ampersand Gessobord


The slight, semi-smooth, consistent texture of the surface allows for amazing brush control for even the finest detail and is excellent for all techniques.

Prefer a smoother surface or more texture? Sand Gessobord to make the surface smoother or apply a coat or two of your favorite oil ground to add more texture.

Unlike canvas, Gessobord is strong enough to hold up to the most rigorous palette knife painting and will not bow or flex. Use Gessobord for plein air, palette knife, heavy impasto, wipe-out, and glazing techniques.


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