Printing on Claybord

Claybord is a wonderful surface for printmaking. It can be used for silk screening, intaglio, relief, and monotype printing. This ultra-smooth rigid panel will not stretch or swell during the printing process ensuring perfect registration. Warping, tearing, and shrinking are virtually eliminated from the printing process.

Claybord accepts all types of printer’s inks. It can hold up to heavy saturation of transparent color and very wet applications. It is also much easier to store and handle for drying than paper.

Artwork by José Royo


The smoothness of Claybord allows you to achieve incredible details. Claybord’s unique clay coating traps pigments in the top layer, so you can use scratchboard techniques to hand embellish your prints.

Its smooth and consistent surface coating also has advantages for relief printers. When used as a block for relief printing, Claybord allows for etching in any direction and deep crisp lines This makes it easier to use and more responsive to your marks than other materials used for relief blocks.

When finished, your prints can be varnished so that they are ready to frame without glass.

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