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Instructional Items: Books, Kits and DVDs


Linda Sheets Scratchbord Kits

These adorable new kits offer an affordable and fun primer on the irresistible art of scratchboard. Each kit comes with a 5"x7" Scratchbord panel from Ampersand, a scratch knife, pattern and step-by-step instructions to complete the project in black and white. Great for the classroom, gift idea or a complete work of art. Not recommended for children under 12. Ask for these new kits at your local dealer, there are six new patterns total.

To complete these projects, you will need:

  • a piece of white chalk to transfer the pattern
  • Scratchbord/Claybord Inks to add color
  • semi-gloss or satin fixative to seal your artwork

Scratchbord Kit - MonkeyLinda Sheets

Sally Maxwell Scratchbord Kits

Each How-To kit comes with detailed instructions, a 5"x7" Scratchbord, 1 fine point scratch knife and pattern to transfer the drawing. The illustration shown on the front of the label can be completed in black and white or in full color with the addition of Scratchbord Claybord Inks (not included). These kits are the perfect introduction to the art of scratchboard and also offer invaluable information on using Ampersand Scratchbord. There are 28 patterns to choose from! For a special offer on the projects kits, click here.

Scratchbord Kit - Gerber DaisySally Maxwell

Ampersand’s Creative Project Series

These terrific scratchboard booklets contain fine artist Sally Maxwell’s easy step-by-step approach to scratchboard design. Each project booklet comes with five patterns and full color illustrations. Zoo Animal Portraits (lion, tiger, elephant, giraffe, and zebra) is available at your favorite Scratchbord dealer. To complete all five projects, you will need a scratch knife, 2/5x7, 2/8x10 and 1/11x14 Scratchbord panels, graphite paper or white chalk to transfer the pattern.

Scratchbord DVD

Creating with Scratchbord - How-to DVD

In this 60 minute scratchboard DVD, fine artist Sally Maxwell shows you step-by-step how easy it is to create a beautiful boat scene with Ampersand Scratchbord. A bonus practice project is also included to teach you the basics. To complete both projects, you need white chalk to transfer the patterns, 1 - 11"x14" and 2 - 5"x7" Scratchbord panels, a Scratchbord Knife and Scratchbord Claybord Inks to add color. For a special offer on the DVD, click here

Scratchbord Puppy KitStarting from Scratch - Diana Lee