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The Amazing Stamping and Crafting Surface!

Stampbord is an incredible art and craft surface, developed by Ampersand Art Supply, that allows clean, perfect rubber stamp impressions every time. The surface is correctable and erasable, great for jewelry, custom boxes, magnets, altered books, ornaments, embellishments, scrapbooking & more!

Stampbord’s ultra-smooth clay finish accepts all types of stamping inks including dye based, alcohol and pigmented. The absorbency of the clay surface lets you apply color without smearing, and no matter how saturated the surface becomes, the material will never buckle. With its stiff backing, Stampbord is perfect for combining stamping with layered collage and embellishments. Since the surface is made of clay, you can scratch back into your designs to create incredible details, highlights and textures. Stampbord is acid-free and archival, ensuring your treasured pieces will withstand the test of time.

Stampbord Basics:

What types of inks or paints can I use on Stampbord?

Stampbord is a clay-coated surface, which will accept any medium from ink to paint. Try all types of inks: pigmented, alcohol, dye-based; they all work. Watercolors and acrylics work great too. Also, try Twinkling H20s as another way to get vibrant color on Stampbord!

Is there a special way I must apply ink or apply my rubber stamp when working with Stampbord?

Use the same methods you use to apply ink to paper or to any other surface. You can do direct to surface applications or use applicator tools such as a ClearSnap® Colorbox Stylus. Remember that since Stampbord is an absorbent surface, your inks will soak into the surface quickly. Some inks absorb faster than others and humidity can affect how quickly they dry. When applying your inked rubber stamp to the Stampbord, remember to apply even pressure across the entire stamp. The Stampbord surface is hard and does not give like paper. Also, if your stamp is larger than your Stampbord piece, try applying your Stampbord onto the inked rubber stamp. This will give you more control over the position of your image on the small piece of Stampbord.

You say I can erase the Stampbord if I make a mistake or want to change my design. How do I do that?

Use Ampersand’s Oil-Free Steel Wool or tools to completely erase any ink or watercolor images on the surface. The fine steel wool will not abrade or scratch the fine surface. It will only remove the ink from the surface, leaving the Stampbord smooth and ready for more inks and images. Most inks we’ve tried can be easily removed, however we recommend that you test the ink color. Some inks will stain the clay coating and will not completely erase from the clay surface. Also, note that you will not be able to remove thick coatings of acrylic paint. Acrylics, unlike inks, dry into a thick plastic film and are difficult to remove.

Is there anything I need to do to the surface before I begin to use scratch tools to create detail?

The truly amazing thing about Stampbord is the “scratchboard advantage”. The thick clay coating lets you scratch into the surface to give your images a three dimensional look. However, make sure your inks or pigments are dry before you start to etch into the surface. If your inks are not dry, you will gouge the surface rather than create fine detail. Ampersand has a variety of tools you can use to create different details. Go to the tools product pageto see the variety of techniques available to you.

If the surface can be erased, how do I protect it once I finish my piece?

We recommend applying a clear gloss acrylic. We’ve also used polyurethane and other spray coatings on the market. They all work well. When you spray the finished piece with a clear gloss, you will see your colors come alive on the Stampbord surface. For a glass-like look try EnviroTex Lite® Pour-on high gloss finish (1 coat = 50 coats of varnish). The clay surface of the Stampbord lets you use any type of sealer, varnish or resin.

How do I drill holes or cut Stampbord?

You can use a drill. It is best to put two pieces of Stampbord face to face to protect the surface. However, the easiest way to put a hole in Stampbord is with the Crop-A-Dile™ by We R Memory Keepers™. You can also add eyelets to the holes with this tool. It is amazingly effortless to use with the Stampbord.

Is Stampbord archival?

Yes, absolutely! Stampbord is the most archival rubber stamping surface on the market. The clay coating is acid-free and non-yellowing and the rigid backing has been tested to last over 200 years. So…give the Stampbord treasures you create with the utmost confidence they will withstand the test of time.

Available Products

  • 1" x 1" Bag
  • Bag with Assorted Squares (1", 1.5", 2")
  • 4 Pack - 3.5" Square Coaster
  • 1/2 lb bag of Assorted Sizes
  • 1/2 lb bag with 2" x 2" Squares
  • Bag w/ Domino 1" x 2" Size
  • 1/2 lb bag w/1.25" x 2.5"
  • 5 Pack with ATC Size - 2.5" x 3.5"
  • 16 Pack Party Bag with ATC Size - 2.5" x 3.5"