Aquabord, Watercolor

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Watch this tutorial by Karen Vernon and learn how to lift colors back to white on Aquabord.

Watch this fun and easy tutorial by Karen Vernon and make a sunflower on Aquabord.

Watch this fun and easy tutorial by Karen Vernon and make a flower bouquet on Aquabord.

Misty Segura-Bowers, William, 20x16, watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord
Artwork by Misty Segura-Bowers

Developed for the unique demands of watercolor painting, Aquabord has a wonderful texture similar to cold-pressed watercolor paper. Watercolorists and gouache painters love painting on Aquabord for many reasons.

German mixed-media artist and author, Brigitte Waldschmidt demonstrates watercolor techniques on Ampersand Aquabord.

Karen Vernon's painting Windows of the World is an 11x14 watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord. Take a look at the many layers of color that have been applied to this beautiful painting.

Aquabord offers the ability to do more on the surface and to create effects easier than on other surfaces. It is an archival panel with a unique clay coating which includes a tiny mineral that helps to dissipate the water and pigment throughout the painting. Designed to work with water media, Aquabord can be used for other media as well.

For the past 20 years I have worked on Aquabord which allows me to do far more than I ever dreamed of doing on paper. Not only does it give me more luminous, vibrant color, but it allows me to present my works with no glass. I can create intimate 1x1 pieces up to large 42x90 paintings. Or pieces to be framed traditionally or to present cradled with no frame at all.