Tips & techniques

Learn techniques from professional artists, follow tutorials, videos, and more.

Watch this tutorial by Karen Vernon and learn how to lift colors back to white on Aquabord.

Watch this fun and easy tutorial by Karen Vernon and make a sunflower on Aquabord.

The Gessobord Art Shadow Box has a 2" deep cradle frame with the Gessobord surface on the inside instead of the outside. Perfect for dioramas, installations, and three-dimensional painting.

Decorate the top with water-based paints, inks, collage, photo-transfer, graphic markers, metal leaf, or other decorative techniques.

The smooth clay surface is highly absorbent and perfect for paint, collage, ink, pencil, stamping, and anything else you can imagine.

Watch this fun and easy tutorial by Karen Vernon and make a flower bouquet on Aquabord.

If you are working with multiple Ampersand cradle panels, bolting together the panels is an inventive way to present your work.

Abby, Egg Tempera on Claybord, Mark Meunier
Artwork by Mark Meunier

Here are three recipes for egg tempera but there are many more. If grinding the dry pigments is not something you want to try right away, substitute gouache for the "pigment paste" in each of these recipes.

Artwork by Rick Plasters

General tips and techniques on transferring images, adding color, and sealing and framing Ampersand Scratchbord

Timothy Joe, pastel on Ampersand Pastelbord

Artists ask us why they should paint on panels and specifically why Ampersand products over other brands. We compiled our top ten reasons and advantages of painting on rigid Ampersand panels.

RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang demonstrate and explain all of the art supplies and drawing techniques you need to create a detailed scratchboard drawing from beginning to end.

How to quickly apply a graduated background using PanPastel Colors on Encausticbord. The perfect base for mixed media or pastel painting.

We recommend all pastels be framed under glass. The glass protects the fragile nature of the pastels while also keeping their colors true to life.

Jane Hunt, oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Sealing and varnishing finished artwork on Ampersand panels is extremely important especially when framing without glass. See our list of suggestions for sealing and varnishing popular mediums using products we have successfully tested on our panels.

Thinking both about the versatility of wood and the creativity of art materials, we composed a list of ways to finish the cradled edges of our panels.

See ideas and learn the best practices to paint, stain, or wax Ampersand cradles.