Primed Smooth, Videos

Learn techniques from professional artists, follow tutorials, videos, and more.

Ampersand Artist Ambassador Micah Goguen demonstrates the monoprint process on Ampersand Primed Smooth.

Watch artist and author Brigitte Waldschmidt experiment with mixed media on an Ampersand Primed Smooth. (Time-lapse)

Gessobord demo

German mixed media artist and author, Brigitte Waldschmidt demonstrates multiple techniques and media on Ampersand Primed Smooth. (English subtitles)

Primed smooth pour-over

Paint glides across the surface of Ampersand Primed Smooth without a texture or weave to interrupt the flow. It is the perfect surface for paint pouring.

Learn more about the Ampersand Primed Smooth gesso panel and why artists enjoy this smooth surface for oil, acrylic, pouring, ink, graphite, mixed media, and more.